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 Residential  & Commercial  Snow Removal

Snow will not stop you or your business from continuing as usual!
over All Snow Removal provides commercial and residential snow removal services for Stratford, PEI.
Contact us at 902-940-6841 (October – April) for quick and efficient snow removal.

Our tractors have blowers and back drags (blades) which helps to reduce the buildup of snow in your driveway.

We offer Priority and Regular Residential Services. Driveway markers are not required but make our snow clearing so much easier. In the event of a heavy snowfall, please mark your vehicles in your driveway …if you can’t see your car, our drivers can’t either!

​We thank you!

Priority Service: Residential driveways are opened when plows have cleaned your street or subdivision. After all driveways have been initially done our tractors will return to your residence to do a clean-up. We will start clearing at 5cm and above!

Double or Single

Single Driveway: $347.87 + HST
Double Driveway: $391.30 + HST

Regular (Secondary) Service: Residential driveways are opened after Priority Service has been completed.

Double, Single or 1 1/2 Driveway

$282.60 + HST

Are you retired (age 60 or better) and in no rush to go anywhere after a storm? We are pleased to offer a retiree rate!

$260.87 + HST

Driveway Staking: Would you like us to stake your driveway?

We can install and remove 3 – 5′ Stakes for a rental fee of $25.00

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